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Ruth Crilly showing July 2021 monthly favourites

Monthly beauty and lifestyle favourites with Ruth Crilly, July 2021

Featuring this month’s 5 beauty and lifestyle favourites! Please excuse the random, disorganised, wasp-infested start and the filming conditions in this month’s favourites video: firstly a wasp came in to the bedroom (probably trying to escape the building dust in the rest of the house) and then I didn’t have anywhere to put all the crap that was on the bed, because there was so much other crap all over the floor. So I look as though I’m filming mid-house-move, or after I’ve just unpacked from a very long holiday.

I’m neither mid-house-move or recently back from a long holiday. To be quite honest I’d take either of those options over the reality because it would mean that respite was on its way or that I had just missed eight weeks of drilling and sawing. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it’s all completely self-inflicted so I’m not complaining – just accounting for the low-budget filming location!

July’s favourites include sporty trousers, a toilet wipe that’s not an actual wipe and a really, really brilliant idea for a wedding gift list. Or birthday gift list. Or any sort of gift list. Keep on reading – or watch the video further on down the page if you’d prefer to hear my dulcet tones punctuated by loud hammering:

  1. The Mascara – Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer £19.00 at Cult Beauty*. This has become my most-used mascara and I will be purchasing another when it runs out, which can’t be too long now because I use it all the time. It has a little primer on one end and that fills out the lashes and makes them look longer and then a black mascara to go over the top. It just works so well on my fine, straight lashes and I can forgive the extra bit of faff for such a polished final look. I actually enjoy the extra faff, weirdly…
  2. The Trousers – I’m very pleased with my new side-strip joggers from Me+Em*. They’re flattering and go with pretty much anything, from a casual t-shirt to a smart silk shirt. The mantra always used to be, with sport-luxe, “dress them up with heels”, but sod that. I’m trainers all the way. My ankle bones seem to be made of chalk, now, and cannot cope with the stress of very high heels. It’s something I need to work on. Because I do love the lift of a good, sexy heel…but at the same time quite like not having to worry about breaking my neck getting out of a taxi. Anyway, the trousers. The side-stripe is elongating, the fabric is just on the smart side of “smart casual” and the tailoring is clever, making the joggers look cool and sporty but pulled-together all at the same time.
  3. The Wipe-Free Wipe – this is clever: a toilet wipe alternative that involves no actual wipe. Wype is a gel that you apply to your normal toilet paper for a freshen-up, rather than using those wet wipe toilet tissues that come in the little sealed packets. (With the seals that only actually seal for about a week and then the wipes all dry up.) We’ve never really been a wipe-using household, apart from when the kids were babies, but I have always wanted a bidet and so this is the next best thing! Ha. A hell of a lot cheaper and easier than having a bidet installed. (I did want one of those shower toilets but got bored of researching them and also worried that the kids would have far too much fun with it.) You can find Wype on Amazon* – it’s £9.99 for a bottle, which equates to about 200 wipes. Non-scented, nothing extra to dispose of and the aluminium bottle is infinitely recyclable.
  4. The Hot Oil CleanserBeauty Pie Double Hot Oil Cleansing Balm*  – £12.10 with membership, £50 without. You can get an extra £50 spending allowance with the code RUTHSENTME). Oh this is just glorious. A really luxurious, slippery oil-balm that you can massage over the skin for minutes and minutes with it getting warmer and oilier every second… I love it. It reminds me a lot of Darphin’s Aromatic Cleansing Balm (see my review) except that it isn’t fragranced with essential oils or otherwise. Same dry-skin-pleasing slip, without the fragrant frills. So often these unctuous balm cleansers come heavily fragranced (which personally I love, because I’m a sucker for anything that makes me feel as though I’m in an exotic hotel spa, somewhere hot) and this is a great option for those who want the function but not the smell.
  5. The Gift List Tip – I read a brilliant thing in an interview recently – it’s actually quite an old interview, with Laura Jackson for House & Garden magazine. In it, Laura talks about how she got her wedding guests to each bring a copy of their favourite book. So they now have a bookshelf filled with the favourite books of their closest friends and family. Brilliant for the recipients and relatively straightforward and inexpensive for the guests. I love this idea.

Check out my 5 beauty favourites for June.


  1. Thank you for always making me smile.
    I love your content. It’s a great distraction as my beloved Mum is dying. I’m so sorry you’re struggling this month. Fingers crossed for a calmer August.

    • Oh Sarah I am so, so sorry. Sending you and your Mum all of my love. x

  2. I love the favorite book idea – that tells so much about a person and surely makes for interesting conversations, as i bet some show up with a book you wouldn’t have expected.

  3. To stop wipes from drying out, store the packet upside down. I have no idea why this works (I do it for makeup wipes as well), I’m guessing it’s something to do with the fact that moisture evaporates upwards? Or something? But it definitely keeps the wipes wet even when the seal stops sticking!


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