What’s In My Makeup Bag? Spring 2021

by | May 13, 2021

The quarterly, seasonal peep into my makeup bag with all of its wondrous contents. And what a makeup bag it is! How had I not heard of the Flat Lay Co? Or seen this type of makeup bag before? It’s utterly genius! If you, like me, don’t have a permanent, dedicated place to do your makeup then you probably have a large toiletries bag that you tip out onto the bed or rug or car seat or bathroom unit every morning and then pack it all up again once you’ve finished.

What a frustrating waste of time.

And you have to tip it all out because otherwise you can’t ever find that once tiny, elusive thing that you always need, whether it’s a Q-Tip or a hair grip or a pair of needle-sharp tweezers for getting rid of your chin hairs. Well begone, frustration, for the Flat Lay bag simply spreads out all of your wares quickly and easily and, with the pull of the cord, gathers them all back up again once you’re done.

I discovered this absolute game-changer through Emily Johnston on Instagram – I’d clicked and ordered a leopard print version within around twenty seconds! You can find loads of versions of it on ASOS here* and FeelUnique here*. Oh my God, I’ve just seen the tiger one*! Why didn’t I buy the tiger one?

Sorry, lots of exclamation marks already in this post and I like to limit my displays of enthusiasm – I’ll move to deadpan mode now. Do take a look at the nifty makeup/toiletries bags from Flat Lay though, I’m so pleased with mine. And may just be about to order the one with the tigers…

So what’s in the bag? A couple of usual suspects, including the Code8 Radiate Balm* and Chanel’s excellent Les Beiges foundation*, but then a brand new bronzer discovery (I test it for the first time in the video) and another appearance from my latest mascara love. Two absolutely brilliant cream makeup products too: Trinny London’s eye2eye shadow* and Beauty Pie’s cream blush*. I cannot recommend these enough; both are soft and forgiving in texture, don’t crease or sit in lines, feel comfortable on the skin and last all day.

The Trinny shadow I show in the video is in “Fortune”, but there are so many flattering shades that it’s hard to really pick one. I like the versions with a little sheen and sparkle rather than the matte, because in one swipe they illuminate and sort of sculpt the lids and application skill needed is really very minimal. You can find the cream shadows online here* – they’re £18 and a makeup bag staple.

The cream blush in Freshfaced could be one of my all time favourite blushers; a soft, cloudy cream it works just as well applied sparingly with a small brush as it does smoothed on with fingertips. Both give a beautiful wash of bright but light coral-pink blush and it’s the most amazing antidote to tired-looking skin. There are a few shades if this one wouldn’t be right for you – you can find them all online here*. Remember to use the code RUTHSENTME for an extra £50 spending allowance* if you’re thinking of signing up to Beauty Pie – the code (and my relationship) is ongoing. The members’ price for the cream blushers is £7.32.

Watch the video to see the rest of the products in action – there’s also a spoiler list of what I’ve used further down the page. Enjoy, especially the bonus red lip at the end…

Flatlay Bags at ASOS*: https://bit.ly/3o1UwWh

Code Eight Radiate Balm (this was in W20)*: https://bit.ly/3o39fQA

Chanel Les Beiges Foundation in B30*: https://bit.ly/3i9DjqN

Hourglass Vanish Concealer*: https://bit.ly/3xZ37xs

Chantecaille Face Powder Brush*: https://bit.ly/2SF8hfq

Marc Jacobs Bronzer in 104 Tan-Tastic*: https://bit.ly/2QZnwlv

Trinny Shadow in Fortune*: https://bit.ly/33wuLUw

Kevyn Aucoin Mascara*: https://bit.ly/3xuA30D

Benefit Gimme Brow in 01*: https://bit.ly/3nN0WYY

Beauty Pie Cream Blush in Freshfaced* – get an extra £50 spending allowance at Beauty Pie with the code RUTHSENTME: https://bit.ly/3ezNTan

Clinique Lipliner Intense shade 01 Sassafrass*: https://bit.ly/3eyNk0L

Bloom and Blossom Lip Balm*: https://bit.ly/33hSHuI

Tom Ford Lipstick in Neotropic*: https://bit.ly/2RE85yT


  1. What shade is your blush on? Hope you reply. Thanks

  2. What shade in is your Hourglass Vanish concealer? Thanks:)

  3. I have one of those bags and I love it. So perfect when I get ready in every place in my house!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  4. Hi Ruth,
    I like the beauty pie blusher and tried to order it but unfortunetely they do not ship to Poland. Would you recommend something similar?
    Thank you very much.
    Best Regards,

    • The cloud paint from Glossier has a similar lightweight feel! x

  5. I have my everyday makeup in a little tray in one of my bathroom drawers, but that one would be amazing for traveling.


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