What’s In My Makeup Bag? Winter 2021

by | Feb 12, 2021

I think that this may be my most pared-back What’s In My Makeup Bag video ever: really just the very bare minimum, with the few products I did use tested to the absolute nth degree. I filmed it quite a few weeks ago now and I still hadn’t really unpacked (catch up on house news here) and so I had been using the same makeup bits over and over again. I can’t actually believe that any of them are still going, but there’s loads left in my Chanel foundation and I barely made a dent in the Trinny cream shadows!

Anyway, this is one to watch rather than read about so that you can see the products in action. I’ve done a full review on both the Chanel Les Beiges foundation (here) and Trinny London’s cream shadows (here) if you fancy a more in-depth read on those. The Victoria Beckham lipstick is a new discovery in just the right shade of bright peachy-neutral for me and I’ll be back with a post on that when I’ve done a bit more playing around. The texture is superb!

Chanel Les Beiges Foundation in B30*: https://bit.ly/3i9DjqN

L’Oreal Back to Bronze, shade 2*: https://amzn.to/3p9Q9bk

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder*: https://bit.ly/397PuBC

Jillian Dempsey Cream Blush in Bloom: http://www.jilliandempsey.com/shop/cheek-tints

Trinny Cream Shadows in Virtue and Fortune*: https://bit.ly/2XO41we

Chanel Mascara in Ecorces*: https://bit.ly/2KDfGdU

Victoria Beckham Lipstick in Pout: https://www.victoriabeckhambeauty.com/products/posh-lipstick

Vieve Lipliner in Brat*: https://bit.ly/3pObxn2

Gimme Brow Shade 2*: https://bit.ly/355fXxQ


  1. I’d love a post on beauty pie products! Just signed up and experiencing decision paralysis about what to buy.

  2. Hi Ruth – not related to this post but to your Spring essentials I think…
    Do you know if the Elizabeth A Great 8 SPF has been discontinued?! I wanted to try after your review but seems it’s out of stock everywhere!

    Hope you’re well and good luck with the renos!

    • Apparently production is on hold. That’s all I know. The idea of it stopping makes me weepy.

      • Thanks for replying! Ah no – it sounded like the type of product which would actually make me wear spf without disliking the heavy feeling. The search goes on…

      • Soo sad! My other fave clinique pep start spf25 is also not to be found :(
        I’m making do with alpha h spf50s in the meantime :( .

  3. Yes please to a post on brown mascara!!!!! I have been trying to switch to brown mascara for a while as I also think it looks better colour wise for me but so far haven’t found one that does everything I want. I used to have lovely lashes but now I am in my 50s they are much more sparse so mascara is an absolute must. Why is there such a difference between black and brown performance wise? I feel like I keep spending money but with very little result.

    • Maybe it’s something to do with the waxes? I’ll try and find out!


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