Beauty, Fashion and Book Favourites: April 2018

beauty favourites

It’s a good Top 5 Favourite Things video, this month. I had time to really ponder my favourites, save the best of them into my brain and then build them up to almost mythical levels of amazingness. To be fair, Grace Timothy’s book, Mum Face, is already actually at mythical levels of amazingness and my beauty picks this month are also epic. (One of them is from my own brand, so I suppose I’m blowing my own proverbial trumpet, but hey – if you can’t love your own products then something’s not right!)

The Crystal Retinal 6 from Medik8 (find it here) is brand new to the market and offers a hugely powerful upgrade to your standard retinol treatment. I’m going to write a proper blog post on it because the formulation is very exciting and the brand, Medik8, is long overdue a bit of a write-up on here. I realised when I went on a lab tour with them that I had been using a cleanser of theirs (featured years ago here) and a hydrating serum for ages and love them both, but have never featured them. So, watch this space.

Okey dokey, get on with it – click that button! If you don’t want to watch (and see my holiday tan, which might make you jealous, even though I literally got about three minutes a day to sit in the sun) then the product list is below the video screen.

Hush Dress*:

Adidas Gazelles in Pale Grey Suede*:

Mum Face by Grace Timothy*:

Crystal Retinal 6 by Medik8*:

Colab Extreme Volume – please note that I am a founder of the Colab Dry Shampoo brand!*:

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