What’s In My Makeup Bag? Spring 2020

by | May 16, 2020

I’ve just been scrolling back through all of my previous What’s In My Makeup Bag posts and I stumbled across this particular beauty: the Summer 2018 edition. If you don’t want to click through and read it then here’s the gist of the matter, in image form:

Isn’t it nice? Such a lovely lipstick! So cheery and optimistic. I shall have to dig that particular lipstick out – I’ve been wearing my pink-tinged beiges for far too many months. Perhaps it’s time for a coral lipstick favourites video, to lead us into summer?

But for now, we’re still on neutrals and beiges with a hint of rosiness on the cheeks. Low-key springtime, nothing fancy, mainly because most of us are still on lockdown and those who aren’t probably don’t feel very celebratory or adventurous. The focus (for me, at least) is on good skin and trying to look as healthy and fresh as possible – bronzer that disappears into the base, a dusting of sunshine over the top and a dewy finish to lids and lips.

Lids and lips. For some reason saying that makes me feel slightly queasy – I’m not sure whether it’s the lazy, tabloid-style alliteration or the gynaecological implications. Although what would “lids” be, in the lady department? A lash-fringed flap of skin. Hmm. I’ll have to think carefully about that one.

GOD! Can someone please keep me on the straight and narrow? Perhaps I need an editor. To check my behaviour and act as the filter I don’t seem to possess.

“Hello darling. Ok, I’ve just read your latest piece…and…how can I put this? It’s rather crude. I mean, darling, is it quite sensible to talk about the time you slipped in the shower and narrowly missed being  penetrated by the mixer tap?”

I like to think that the editor would be called Nigel. No particular reason. But he must chain-smoke French cigarettes and have an office on the Tottenham Court Road and wear a silk kimono. I have it all planned out.

But back to spring makeup. There’s a video and really it’s mandatory you watch it, this time, because I’ve used up all of my word count on pointless drivel so there’s no space to talk about lipstick shades. It’s all covered on film and if you want a cheat’s spoiler list then just scroll down the page a bit.

Take particular note of the double-bronzing manoeuvre; as a first step the cream bronze buffs effortlessly into the foundation, creating a sort of warm, duo-toned base, and then the powder bronzer sits lightly on top looking all dusty and beautiful. I’m doing this a lot at the moment and I like the effect.

I’m wearing the Emanuelle Dress, bought from Hush here*

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Shade 110* https://rstyle.me/+gEmKZGZlHldTmeCqotNHuA 
Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream* https://rstyle.me/+Az5jfNnCItokpYca5JdZpg 
L’Oreal Bonjour Sunshine*  https://rstyle.me/+LMzCWFtiq2nGc8PEXNPg0g 
Becca Sunlit Bronzer – Shade Capri Coast* https://rstyle.me/+8i2lijF92hFGB_RS7L5mdA 
Lumene Nordic Glow Palette here
Stila Convertible Colour* https://rstyle.me/+xZJR9RD0MGoJxjcngTpv3Q 
Nars Voyageur Palette- Nectar* https://rstyle.me/+xznRX_5kbzih1A_gIIoMCA 
Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette* https://rstyle.me/+Q2XR0OiDtOVwAj13_mbI0Q 
Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick* https://rstyle.me/+0MLxhmL3nxDT_PakoPd9iQ 
L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara* https://rstyle.me/+NLwbLzpCEC9B1FFqatq5nQ 
L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara* https://rstyle.me/+mfgTQ8cGYI8zP_V44V-M5Q 
ByTerry Nudissimo lipstick* https://rstyle.me/+UCEiS6-k9-knQzR1xtyrrQ


  1. thanks for sharing

  2. I came here from youtube to find out which Pixi palette you used (and hopefully which colours) and this link is for a site which doesn’t have any Pixi eyeshadows. Any information would be appreciated.

  3. Please do not let Nigel stop you from writing this unfiltered content. Give him something else to do!

    Anne from Doctor Anne

  4. Can’t find the “like” ❤️ for this embedded video. Doesn’t seem to be an option.

  5. what is your top/dress? where is it from? it’s beautiful!

  6. When I hear the name ‘Nigel’ I always think of a chap that used to work in my husbands office who always ate boiled eggs, and stunk the office out LOL. I think you should go for a change and wear a bright lip. X

  7. Ruth,

    I will not sleep until I find out where you got that makeup bag from!

    I have coffee at the ready.

  8. Oh, those Pixi eyeshadows do look pretty! And as it seems, they’re vegan, too….? Funnily enough, I use makeup more than ever right now, because I’m now free to test all those whacky eyeshadow colors I’d never wear outside the house -ha! :-)
    Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to some ingredients in my palettes though, and try to find out what is causing me problems… :-/ Vegan seems a good alternative, if it was carmine for example…. this is contained in many of my palettes, even luxury ones :-( But not in that Pixi palette, woohoo!

    Oh and could you mention what brushes you were using? I noticed the Bobbi Brown Foundation brush, but I’m not too sure about the rest :-)

  9. This spring 2020 makeup look is so fresh and glowy on you, I love it so much! You are radiant as always.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  10. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for the Spring update.
    Can you tell me where your bronzer brush and blending brush are from?


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